Shittiest Move of the Week


So as I wrap up my writing about my vacation, I thought I would end it with a bang. Of course I was shitty on vacation. OF COURSE!!!!! I mean, I am The Shitty Housewife, it is to be expected right?!

So it wasn’t anything that terrible, and I think a lot of people could relate. Vacation with kids can be stressful. A different environment, a new place to sleep, people spoiling you all over the place. But for some reason, I was extra tense this week. I could not relax, no matter how hard I tried. And I was TRYING! And I was trying so hard, I turned into an edgy, tense, feisty bitch. Like big time. I was constantly snapping at the kids, rolling my eyes, and staring at the clock waiting for bedtime. One night, I was so over it, I put the baby to bed at 5:30 (that is about 3 hours early for him.) I just couldn’t.

I think in my head I had this idea of them chilling out on vacation. But instead they turned into rampaging, party animals. Even more so then they are at home. Look it all worked out and everyone survived, but not without some mommy meltdowns in between. Matt had to tell me to calm down numerous times. And after we landed back home, walked to baggage claim, strolled by an airport store selling cute kid luggage and my daughter said “Mommy, I want that travel bag” I glared back and stated “No need, we are never traveling again.” I realized that I was the one making things tenser than they needed to be. It is vacation, let it go. Blow of steam. Care less, right?!

Welp, better luck next time………if there is ever a next time.

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