Alexander Skarsgard and Welp, Just Him

So I began this Masturbation Monday knowing I was choosing Alexander. It was a hard job searching for phots of him, which then lead to Youtube videos, which then lead too….welp masturbating. Picking a women to pair with this one was not happening. Alexander is a God amongst men. He is actually a God amongst everyone. He deserves his own day. His own space. His own aknowledgement.

I first saw him on True Blood and although he was hot, he was on a show filled with hot guys. But as the show went on, his hottness just exploded, while everyone else stayed the same. By the end, just hearing his voice or seeing that one raised eyebrow made my entire body shiver. I wanted him to do bad things to me constantly.

Fast forward till now. He is Tarzan……..fucking Tarzan and apparently nude like the whole movie. I am hoping to see this movie soon and ALONE. Just me and Mr. Skarsgard and his pure utter sexiness.

My apologies for not having a girl this week. He is just too much and would overshadow anyone. So enjoy this ladies and gents…this guy should make this week much better than last.

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