I am feeling uninspired. I am feeling like social media is bugging me. I am feeling like everything in this world is becoming a battle. A battle I am too tired to fight today. My goal is to get ahead in this blog. Have posts written weeks before they go up so I can edit, improve, make life a little less chaotic. But again, I find myself in a whirlwind of plans, schedules, work, blah, blah, blah. And here I sit, knowing tomorrow is my day to write and I have nothing.

I was in a good mood today. Was being the key word…….I worked and got treated pretty shitty by some people. People just not giving a shit about the person behind the counter. People who had off today since it is a national holiday, but yet they felt the need to be rude to the person working. Mean to someone who was helping them. But that’s me…the help. I do not mind my role. I am blue collar and proud. I often do NOT get treated badly but every once in awhile it happens. And that shit just pisses me off. We are all equal, we are all in this crazy adventure of life together, so let’s act like it.
So that kinda put me in a bad mood. Then I came home, and after I got settled, I looked on Facebook. The whole terribly sad story of the gorilla and the kid was all over my feed. And there was just so much hate. So much bashing. So much blaming. The story is atrocious any single way you look at it. Whatever side you are on, it is just fucking awful. And all the blame, bashing and hatred will not change the outcome. The gorilla is dead, the child hurt and the mom… I have no words. But whatever side you take, just stop. Please. I can assure you that no one at the zoo, neither of the parents or the police involved feel good about what happened. And as sad, distraught or angry you are… they feel worse. A million times worse.
It just bummed me out. We are so quick to blame, hate, disrespect, and why??? We read an article, we walk into a store, we see the help, we read our feed and we just judge. Judge situations, people, scenarios, families, choices. We have these expectations of others and why? Why be rude to people when they are performing a service for you? Why look down on someone who is helping you? Why blame someone for being negligent with their child when you were not there… you did not actually witness negligence. Why blame employees at the zoo when  were told what to do? Why just to meanness? WHY SO MANY DOWNERS?????
What happened to supporting one another? What happened to extending an olive branch? What happened to minding your own fucking business?
I don’t know. I am just feeling blah about life. Maybe I am PMSing. Maybe I am just tired and sometimes it would be nice to be asked “How are you?” and not “What can you do for me?” and “You need to do more.” Maybe next time a truly awful situation arises we can all look it with compassion and kindness and not blame and hate. Maybe I just need to snuggle up with my handsome husband and let him take all this blahness away… that’s his job now as my husband right?? Ugh, I promise to buck up. Just needed to vent. Thanks to everyone who actually read this and listened!

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