Top 5 Reasons You Are Officially A Boy Mom

5. When you look at your kid you find yourself thinking… “Are you going to be a dick to date?”
We have all gotten our heartbroken by some jerkoff. When you are a boy-mom, you wonder if your boy will one day be “that guy.”

4. You know every superhero character…EVERY FUCKING ONE…
But you secretly don’t mind because Thor and Ironman are kinda hot.

3. Seeing your son tumble down and scrape up his knee does NOT faze you.
He is a boy… he likes it rough.

2. Snakes, worms, and bugs do not scare you anymore.
He loves that shit, so you had to say, “FUCK FEAR” a while ago.

1. The penis is no longer only about sex anymore.
Your man is no longer the only one with a penis. And your son’s “mini pecker” as we call it, is the topic of many conversations. Can’t wait till puberty ladies!!!

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