Matt & Nick

So today we decided to go in a new direction. Shake things up a bit. Instead of posting hot bodies, famous actors or sexy musicians, Nicole and I are presenting our men. Matt and Nick. A couple weeks ago we decided to do a very last minute video. We wanted to ask them what it was really like being with a Shitty Housewife. We gave them many questions and just wanted their honesty…..but in between these questions, we fed them lots of booze, just to make things that much more funny, entertaining and honest. Man did it work!

But first here is a bit about the men who put up with us!
It is hard find words to describe him. I will say this….most people who know him don’t know him like I do. He is a talkative, brutally honest, doesn’t hold back kinda man. He says how he feels and doesn’t mind making things awkward to be heard. He is also beyond respectful, undying loyally and completely hardworking. He is funny, supportive and great between the sheets. I have never had someone be such a cheerleader for everything I do. No matter what. He loves me unconditionally and the same for our children. He does not show fear, (no matter how many times I showed up pregnant.) He embraces “weird” and different. He respects stepping out of comfort zones and he believes loyalty is what rounds a relationship. All of these traits plus the fact that he is adorable make him my pick today and all days for MasturbationMonday! -Jan

Nick is my high school sweetheart and my crazy, red-bearded, other half. He is wild and crazy and will openly admit to hating everyone but can be the biggest softy and is a natural guardian to everyone he meets. He is a great father to our little girl and gets more worried than I do when she bumps her head. Nick is a Guinness kind of guy and will get verrrry chatty when drinking Chardonnay but will be the first one there if you every need anything. As much as he drives me fucking nuts, I wouldn’t trade him for anything. I can’t ever thank him enough for how hard he works for our family. -Nicole


Now- Go watch their video on our Facebook,“>here!


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