BBG Review


Welp… I did it. 12 weeks of Kayla Istines Bikini Body Girls. Man, it was not easy and I had many set backs (like hangovers, laziness, overall soreness.) But I did it. And you guys, I really liked it. It was some hard stuff for sure, but it kicked my ass… QUICKLY and I feel the best I have felt since I began having kids. I have worn clothes that I thought I would never fit into again. I feel stronger than I have felt in YEARS! And I actually have gained some of my body image confidence back as well. Even Matt has noticed!!! And although I will not post a selfie of my bare stomach, I will say this… I actually think when I go on vacation in July I might be able to pull off a bikini. But if not, I know as I continue these workouts, I will feel great no matter what.

And there it is… I want to keep going. Kayla round 2 is up next. I am just going to start over from the beginning and add more intense cardio. No big changes in my routine, no crazy new idea. I am just going to continue what I am doing because I feel really good.

And isn’t that the whole point? Look, I am 37 years old and have had 3 kids in 4 years. My body will never be as tight and toned as it used to. I will never weigh that little and I will always have little lines somewhere. BUT THAT IS OKAY! I am proud of those marks. I earned them. This body created, supported and birthed 3 humans… that is the sexiest thing I could ever do. No bikini will ever make me feel that powerful, magical and womanly.

BBG with Kayla is awesome. I am ready to start over. It has improved me in so many ways, but mentally I have improved too. Although body image is something we all struggle with, I do not need to let it run my life. I take 28 minutes 3 days a week and squeeze in some cardio if I can. I has changed my body but it also has made me appreciate my body more as well. I can see small definitions of abs behind the loose skin on my belly. I love both. It shows my strength as  someone who works out and my strength as someone who has had children. Kayla has opened my eyes in a lot of ways. The re-connection with my body, mind and spirit has been so far from shitty!

I will keep you guys update on BBG 2.0. And maybe just maybe a selfie will happen one day. But it will for sure include all of these kiddos who have helped me embrace this new found strength in my strong little muffin top!

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