Top 9 Reasons You Should Have Sex With Your Partner Tonight


9. It Counts As a Workout
Face it, you have not worked out much lately…this does count as cardio, and squats….if that’s your thing.

8. You have had a hard day
Take your mind of your hardness and work on his……..

7. Teach those cling on’s a lesson
Look, when you need to get laid, you have to lock those kids, dogs, cats, snakes… whatever the fuck you constantly tend to away. Sometimes it is nice to shut that playroom door and show them who is boss while you get your freak on.

6. Let your inner stripper show her hot face
You work, parent, school, yell, cry, fold laundry ALL THE FREAKING TIME. Forget that for a while and let out that whore you have inside. She needs to be set free sometimes.

5. You can’t sleep
It is bedtime and all is quiet…except your mind. But god forbid you go into the living room or kitchen and you wake up the kids. Stay in bed, wake up your partner and make them exhaust you.

4.Because it will feel good
Well, it should… And if it doesn’t, refer to a previous Ry Guy post on the subject.

3. In the morning you’ll be more relaxed
Statistics show that a romp before bed, chills you out the next day ( but don’t ask me about statistics.)

2.  Because you are bored
Days are long and lame. Life can be so routine and boring. Spice that shit up by doing the nasty. You will no longer be bored when you are trying to please some one!

Because, who else ya gonna bone, right???!!!

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