Mom Hair

I have mom hair. I really do. It has gotten bad. I know I have a lot of other “mom” qualities, but this makes me kinda mad. I was a hairstylist, and a decent one for TEN years. I know some tricks, I know some tips…but do I do that shit? NOPE. I let the shit air dry, after a quick bang blow out, or even worse….. pile it on top of my head in a messy bun, which is really a pile of wispy grease.

I just don’t know what to do with this crap anymore. Look, I take the time to throw on some eye make-up. I have gotten much better with making sure I put on a decent outfit, (since I fit into some cute ones again, post babies.) But I just don’t take the time with my hair. And when I do I get so many compliments from my husband, it is borderline pathetic. Not for him, but for me. Like it looks so un-kept so much that when I do take some time, he is floored.

I don’t have a mom attitude. I am still fun, energetic and happy. I don’t have a mom jeans. Mine are still low rise, skinny or boot cut. I don’t have mom sex. We are still weird, experimental and frequent. I just have a serious case of mom hair.

I am at this weird point where I don’t even know what to do. I should not have some super trendy haircut that is going to cost me the equivalent of a car payment to keep up with. I should not have some extravagant color that has new growth in minutes, because I never have any Jan time to get that shit done that often. But I also should not walk around with this hot mess of a do on my head.

Why do we stop taking care of certain things we when start taking care of someone else? Time? Money? Effort? Caring? Maybe all of these things. I try and take of and do a million things every single day. I look at every day as a challenge to accomplish as much as possible, while still being present with my kids and husband. I try things to make our future brighter, even if it means losing out in other areas. The other area have been WAY more than just my hair, but that is what I am focusing on right now. It seems like a much simpler resolve than other things.

But how long can I pull this mop off? How long can this head full of split ends last? I don’t want to chop it….ugh the grow out stage. I can’t afford extensions, although I want them SO bad. I guess I just keep doing what I am doing. Having this mom hair for awhile, with very occasional Saturday night spruce. At least with all three kids in tow most people aren’t looking at my hair. They are looking at my face, like what the fuck is that crazy lady thinking having so many young kids.

Mom hair is not a big deal. But if you are any type of care giver and you have mom anything you catch my drift. Giving up something you used to nail because your time is focused on another creature can catch up to you and make you feel a little less than 100%. Hell, most days when I look in the mirror I feel less than 50%, but I guess when the kids are having a 100% day that is all that matters. That and the fact that messy buns are finally in style is a bonus too.

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