Shittiest Move of the Week

10393804_10206550950145132_8326107594179808992_nSo my husband is like the handiest man in all of the land. I mean for real. He hooks this family and our home up on a daily basis. He always has a task he wants to accomplish to improve the house. Whether it is big or small, he nails it. His hobby is home improvement, and as a wife, there is not much more you can ask for.

In the past he has built us a garage, a deck, a couple patios, a few tables. Like cool shit. He is REALLY good at it. He is currently in the process of redoing our driveway and pouring concrete this weekend (side note, something about the way a New Englander says the word concrete is SO HOT!) He really does it all, and really well.

So we spend a lot of time outside as a family. Front and backyard. Our front yard has a great little patio where we love to sit, hang with the neighbors and watch the kids play. At night though, the light fixture on the front of the house is just the worst. It is blinding and so unappealing. It has been on Matt’s list for awhile now and I am always bitching about it.

Last night I came home and when I got inside Matt asked what I thought. I was like, “What do I think about what?” He told me to go outside and look. I went back out and stood in our front yard. I looked up and down and all around and I had no clue what he was talking about.

“Did you do something to the tree?” I asked.
“Try again.”
“You painted the door?” PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE… I was starting to feel so bad.
“No, Jan…”
I was stumped, I literally had no idea. Everything looked the same.
“I fixed the light finally.” Shit, he did!! He replaced the horrible one with two great ones. The lighting was perfect, the fixtures looked great. I could tell he did some work on them. On top of doing this, he had all three kids with him and I of all people know how difficult it is to get anything accomplished when you have three toddlers on your hands.

I felt so bad. He worked so hard on something I wanted and I didn’t even freaking notice. He didn’t care, but I still felt bad. Husbands and wives are a team ya know, we are suppose to be each others #1 cheerleader…..and here I am, not even noticing what my teammate did…..SHITTY!!!

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