We want YOU!

It is time for some Shitty Housewife interaction. We are coming up on our 4th month here at our blog. And it has been awesome. What a warm welcome?! I personally was not expecting it. Of course we have had our share of rude comments, people not “getting” what we are doing, and someone even questioning if I was happy in my home life. But overall, we have had WAY more happy readers than not. You guys are the best. Thank you for understanding what we are doing and where we are coming from, it makes us feel a little more normal and a little less shitty!

So today is all about YOU! How can you get involved with The Shitty Housewife? We are welcoming all platforms, soapboxes, bitch sessions and overall WEIRDOS out there who have something to say, but nowhere to say it. Even if you have never written before, but still have some words of wisdom to spill, this is the place! We are not trained writers either!!! (Hence all the typos!) We love our guest writers and would love you to be one! Don’t be scared, we are The Shitty Housewife, your words cannot be as bad as ours.


Another way you can get involved???? Send us a question! We are shooting our very first VLOG this weekend and would love to answer your burning questions. It does not matter how random, funny, or personal they are…we will answer them! Honestly, truthfully and SHITTY. So send them in via Facebook, Instagram, or the website! We would love to feature your question this weekend.

And lastly, do you sell a product or service that you believe in? Want me to try it and review it? The Shitty Housewife would love too! The only thing I turn down is my collar so bring on your items and IDEAS!!!! Should I do a cleanse? Go vegan? Try a drug? (j/k….maybe) Give me an idea and I will make it happen!!! Better for me to try and fail than you!


So there ya go folks, ways you can get involved. Guest write, send a question or give me something to review. We will take it all. Including any suggestions on what we can do to improve. Although we embrace the mediocre, we also would love to be a little less shitty for you!


And always, thanks for all the support. This is turning into a dream and I love it. Can’t thank you all enough for the love!


The Shitty Housewife


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