Kayla Update

MILB Graphic

Well, I did not do my 2 week update last week for you guys because, I did not workout. Like, AT ALL. I am not sure what happened. It was my school spring break, so I can’t blame it on having too much school work. No sick kids, so I can’t use that excuse. I felt fine, so no go there…I just did not want to. So I didn’t. I was doing so good too and then I just needed a freaking break. This year has kicked my families ass. Every week is a race to some sort of endless finish line. We are in a constant state of go go go. I feel like every week we get a phone call with really bad news. We have had so much company in and out of the house and we are just swamped. I was just fucking spent.

So I just did not make time for working out. Matt made it to the gym twice. Not me. Every day I was like, well  maybe today…then NOPE. As much as I want to be a MILF, I also need a break sometimes. I’m tired, mentally drained and worn out. MILF turned MINB. Mom I’d Like to Fuck turned Man…I’d Like A Break.
So I took one.
And now, I feel like I have to start over. I set my Kayla weeks back to week 5. Did her work out Monday and today. Did my cardio at the YMCA while the kids played yesterday. I weighed in Monday. Took my before pictures. I feel like I am back to square one. My legs are so sore today I want lay in a bath of ben-gay. And I know I am not completely starting over, I just feel like a whale. (It does not help that I got my period Sunday night either…we all know how fucking fabulous you feel when that shit kicks in.)
But there is my update. I failed. I promise I do want to look good and feel strong. I just was tired. But it feels good to be back at it this week. I need to remember my small weekly goals. Fuck, daily goals. Seems so much more achievable. I also found a 5K run for a really awesome cause I want to sign up for, (which I will be looking for Shitty Housewives out there to join my team….hint hint!) So, I do want to get back on it and get back to feeling healthy.
Sometimes we just need a minute. Adulting is so tough. And seems like things only get realer, busier and tougher. I won’t beat myself up for taking a week off…I can’t really. I am too sore for that shit.

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