BBG Week 7


So I am creeping up on week 7 of Bikini Body Girls with Kayla Itsines. I am still not bikini ready though. I know her program is 12 weeks and being through the half way point, I thought I would notice more of a change as far as what I am seeing. I know, I have had three kids, I am not expecting miracles….but, I feel like every time I work out I am getting my ass kicked. So I should have a pretty sweet 6 pack by now right??? Wrong. No 6 pack…yet (maybe because of all the 6 packs of beer I drink…my bad!)

Cons-This shit is getting harder. Every week, even repeat weeks, I mildly dread the work out. Mainly because it BLOWS! I am sore, tired, worn out and just watching my stop watch waiting for 7 minutes to be done! Again, I am still having trouble making it happen at home. I do, I am trying, but again I am always finding something else to distract me.

Pros-Well, I may not feel like I look any different, but for two weekends in a row I have worn outfits I wore 5 years ago! One skirt I wore to a concert with the hubs and the last time I wore it was on our very first date!!! I never thought I would ever fit into it again. I loved it! HE LOVED IT (wink, wink.) I mean this workout has to be working if after three pregnancies of gaining 30+ plus each I can fit into something pre-preggo right??!! Also, just the weeks and guides are keeping me motivated. I am enjoying seeing myself get stronger. I mentally feel better in my own skin that I have in years.

So I guess, the pros are for sure outweighing the cons. BBG is turning out to be ok. A lot of work and commitment, but I can feel my MILF status rising.


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