Irish Masturbation Monday

Well here we are….another Monday. Another sesh alone in the bathroom. And since this week is Saint Patrick’s Day, I thought it would be time to celebrate some sexy folks from good ol Ireland. Is it the accents? The blue eyes? The fair skin? I am not sure what it is, but combine all of the those traits and you are in for some good alone time.
This week Irish picks are Jamie Dornan and Evanna Lynch.
Jamie or as most of you know him…Christian Grey is the sexiest fucking man alive. I know a lot of people do not agree that he should have gotten the 50 Shades role, but man, I was happy. He is a model first and foremost. His accent might be the sexiest voice to ever exist…. and he is a husband and dad…just stop it. And who cares about his acting.. he could whip my ass any day.
Evanna is most well known for her role in Harry Potter. She is now all grown up and man….she is a hottie! Now she is doing stage work in Ireland (like Broadway stage, not stripper… we are not that lucky!)
So grab a Guinness, enjoy the pictures and hook up your corned beef. Happy Masturbation Irish Monday.

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