Shittiest Move of the Week

It was December 19th…I was tipsy, as always. Matt and I were looking at upcoming events in Atlanta. We saw that two of our favs were coming in town. We both were stoked and of course called our favorite couple Whitney and Ryan (yes Rye Guy Austin.) We told them about both events and they were both on board. My words exactly……
“I’ve got this guys. I will buy both and you can just settle up later. Buying them all now.”
Fast forward to Naughty by Nature. It was great. Great show. We met the band. We had a blast.
Fast forward to this past Sunday morning. I decided to look up the email with the ticket info and print out the four Dropkick Murphy tickets. The email is no where to be found. I looked at my other accounts and still nothing. I pulled up my bank statements and realized I NEVER BOUGHT THE TICKETS. I only processed Naughty By Nature. I quickly looked up tickets. Sold THE FUCK out. Panic set in. I looked on Craigslsit…one person selling them. Double what I thought I originally paid. I emailed her. Sold.
Now keep in mind my husband is like beyond stoked for this event and he has had a rough few weeks. He LOVES this band. This band sang our wedding song. He didn’t have many wedding requests but he wanted one of their songs to be the last song played. So I said yes, emailed every guest and asked them to learn the words. So at the end of the wedding night, when the song…his song…”End of the Night” came on, our entire wedding serenaded us. He loves this band so much that his dad based his vacation around this show so we could have a full night off with zero babysitting worries. He loves this band so much he has listened to them non stop preparing for this show. I HAD TO FIND TICKETS.
I had to break the news to Ryan. He was and still is super bummed. I told him what I was about to pay for these tickets and he just couldn’t. It was a lot. Especially since originally they were super cheap. So Ryan and Whitney aren’t going. Shitty move. I know. I should have offered to pay theirs, but I am a broke ass Shitty Housewife. I know….I AM THE WORST.
So last night, I found some tickets. I paid triple what they were going for. I didn’t tell Matt any of this because he would have been bummed I paid so much and didn’t let him just fit the bill. But damn, he pays for everything, I just wanted to do this one thing! So we are going. Just us. But let me tell you…DRINKS ON HIM!

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