Shittiest Housewife Shittiest Move of the Week

So I was asked to be a guest on this awesome Podcast on Valentine’s Day. I was super excited seeing as the host is this amazing women who is an author, registered nurse and founder of The Fatherless Daughter Project (something very close to my heart!) Denna Babel is a saint among souls, and funny as shit, so when she asked if I would come on and talked about The Shitty Housewife, married life, mom life and blog life, I could not say no!

Well, I had to e there at 8:45 am. At 8 am Matt suggest we pack the kids up, he drives and drops me, they do breakfast and then they scoop me, after that we could have am entire fun family day ahead of us.
“Do you know how long you will be there?” He asked.
“Probably like 45 minutes to an hour.” WRONG!!!!
After an hour we had not even started the 3 30 minute segments. I was having so much fun with Denna and the gals, I completely flaked on telling him that we were going to be WAY longer than an hour. He was sitting in the WSB parking lot for nearly an hour over with three very restless toddlers. Finally I remembered to text him….. 45 minutes later telling him we would be wrapping up in 30. I could tell he was very irritated, but was trying to hold it together. I mean 2 hours with no word, no ides and again…3 VERY RESTLESS TODDLERS. In a parking lot.
When we wrapped up he had moved on to Target and went on a shopping spree. It was my turn to wait in the parking lot. Although, I was “stuck” with one of my BFF’s who hooked up the podcast and we caught up on life.
By the time we all met up, he was over the day, the kids were disasters and we just went home. I guess I know better than to ever be correct about timing. Or I should read emails more thoroughly…..
So now that I have your attention….here is the link to “Keepin it Real with Denna”  or find it on iTunes! banner1Listen to the first of three segments. Episode 10 features me! Write a review and subscribe to support Denna and all of her amazing ventures!

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