The Shittiest Housewife: Shittiest Move of the Week

So my 2.5 year old has become the worst sleeper. I mean….SO BAD.

He goes to bed just fine, but wakes up all night, whining that dreaded word….MMMMOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY.

It has become a problem. I hate going to bed because I know he is going to be waking up whining all night. Maybe some parents would feel bad and coddle him about it, which I have in the past, but he is just a whiney kid. In general. And is in a stage that he is, hmmm, well, how can I put this nicely…HE IS JUST AN ASSHOLE.

So I really look forward to down time. But the past week or so, it is all night. He doesn’t need anything, doesn’t want anything. He is just so used to whining, he does it in his sleep. Well last night he fell out of his bed. Twice.

The first time, I went in to check and helped him back in his bed. There he was, in all his asshole glory. As irritated as I was I went back to bed after a bit. An hour and a half later, the same thing. He is crying a bit more this time but I was done. I went in, helped him back up and did some mommy scolding I am not too proud of. I slammed the door shut and swore bad words under my breath on the way back into bed. Matt, barely alive, whispers, “Everything okay?” My response…

“Yep, just Kellen being an asshole.”

I wake up in the morning and go to work. I get a text from Matt telling me Kellen’s complaining that his arm and neck hurt. He hurt himself falling out of bed. Matt called to doctor to see if he needed to be seen. He didn’t, just needed some pain reliever. I of course felt terrible. Here he was hurt and here I was yelling and frustrated.

He feels better now….but man don’t I feel like an asshole.

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