BBQ, Pimento Cheese, Bacon Burgers

So with the Super Bowl this week (hey don’t forget to enter The Shitty Housewife’s Super Bowl Contest!!!!) and the quick bout of beautiful Atlanta weather we had this week, Matt and I decided it was time to get our BURGER on. There is nothing better than homemade burgers on the patio in awesome weather (well actually, there is a lot that is better than that…..good sex, long vacations, a full nights sleep, being rich, but we are talking dinner here people, that’s it.)

So we decided to make BBQ, Pimento Cheese, Bacon Burgers. Here is what you need….
Ground Beef
Salt and Pepper
Cayenne Pepper
Garlic Salt
Onion Powder
Pickled Jalapenos
Pimento Cheese
BBQ Sauce (your favorite)
 Step 1. Turn on your grill and put a cookie sheet on it to start heating it up.
Step 2. Grill the Bacon ( flip after about 4 minutes on each side)
Step 3. Watch your boys cheers each other (ugh, we have a long Irish future ahead of us)
Step 4. Have your partner take over duties
Step 5. After seasoning your burgers, put them on the grill (and see your obsessed husband clean as he cooks)
Step 6. Set out the sides you bought pre-made from Publix, because you are The Shitty Housewife who has no time for side salads. (Side note, Publix Macaroni Salad is AMAZING!!!)
Step 7. Once burgers are cooked add pimento cheese and bacon (and just some cheddar to the kids burgers because they won’t appreciate the yumminess of the pimento/bacon combo)
Step 8. Feed the fatty
Step 9. Bun that bitch, add BBQ sauce and jalapenos and BAM!
Step 10- Ask your daughter how she likes it (but know deep down inside she is on;y eating it to be a member of the clean plate club and receive dessert)

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