Bring it, Kayla

So last week I talked about maintaining a MILF status. Today, my girl Nicole blessed us with her magical words about being mom hot (which PS…DID SHE NOT NAIL IT???!!!!! I was crying when I read that because we have all had that feeling) Anyway, you guys were awesome about giving me ideas of work out plans, ideas and goals. Well, after all this talk about feeling good, I have picked one. A very daunting one, but hey I am going to give it my shittiest shot and hope MILFing is right around the corner. (I know MILFing is not a word, but I kinda love it.)


Kayla Istines is this hot little Australian girl who believes in being strong. Not skinny. She has a huge following with Instagram and Facebook. Her Bikini Body Workouts are so popular that the BBG community is overflowing. And the before and afters pics are outrageous. The thing is, she keeps it realistic. And she doesn’t encourage being skinny. She wants us to be STRONG. And a strong body is a strong mind and we all need that. Her workouts are 28 minutes long and can be done anywhere. When I was choosing what I wanted to do and blog about, I wanted to make sure it was doable at home. Not everyone can afford a gym membership, so this was important to me for my readers. You have three days of Kayla work outs. Then two days of cardio. That seems like a lot. 5 days. And again, I am going to do my best. But everything is 30 minutes. I will find 30 minutes.

This shit looks intense. And I know when I start, I will suck. But I also know getting stronger is very important and I also know that I need someone else’s guidance in making this happen. I also want a community of help and the #BBG community and the #Kaylamovement is just that. 

This is a 12 week long program. (Yikes) and I know I will have slip ups. And that is OK. But in 12 weeks, maybe I will have a Bikini Body (probably not) but we will see. But at least I will be stronger. I’ll keep you updated weekly and if anyone wants to join me and Kayla. let me know! Monday is 5 days away…..DON’T MAKE ME DO THIS ALONE!!!!!

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