Lunch Fail

Well guys, I failed. I promise, I had it is my schedule to make a meatloaf and tell you all how I made it. Because, honest to god, I make a good fucking meatloaf. But my plan got screwed up. My schedule changed. We had to rush out of town last week and we got back super late Tuesday. Wednesday was a blur, Thursday I ended up working a double so Matt could spend some QT with the kids and when I got home last night I had forgotten about a school assignment (because I’m shitty.) So needless to say after working a long shift and an hour of Intro to Human Resource Management homework, I was sure as shit not about to cook.

So here we are Friday. I got up, fed, cleaned, dressed all three kids plus myself and three dogs, we hit the YMCA., because I needed some regrouping. Then I braved the DMV for the third time in attempting to change my name alone with the monsters…err, I mean kids. We waited an hour, finally our turn and of fucking course, they just changed some rules and I needed yet another document. FUCK YOU!!!!!! So I am done. The kids are cranky. We just needed home and some lunch and a Xanax (just kidding, but kinda not.) So here I am…LUNCH TIME!!

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Step 1- Give the The Fat Kid anything quick you can find in the fridge. He is hungry and mad. Mac and Chz…PERFECT!!!
Step 2- Leftover pizza?! Wonderful. Heat it up, throw on some fresh spices, the older O’s will be in heaven!
Step 3- Look at your household in despair. Will they ever, ever, ever pick up after themselves.
Step 4- Make yourself your millionth cup of coffee for the day
Step 5- Tell them they get a special treat once they clean up and eat their pizza. They will be so happy for their reward.
Step 6- Longingly gaze at the beer that is waiting for you. It is Friday. FFFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK



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