Catelynn <3 Tyler

So since Rye Guy decided to slam Farrah, I thought we would keep up with the Teen Mom theme for the salute.

I used to catch an episode or two of the show, but it got hard to watch. I will say this, when I did watch I was always pretty impressed by Catelynn and Tyler. The fact alone that they were brave enough to realize that they could not give their child the life she deserved because they were so young was fascinating to see. They chose to put their baby up for adoption. Then they stuck to their guns, went through with the adoption, and gave a couple who had tried forever to have a baby, the gift of a sweet precious girl.

I can not imagine being strong enough to do that. And I admire every single couple who does this. Adoption is the answer in so many cases. It is a smart, courageous, bold and beautiful decision. You are making a couple a family and giving a child a chance at a better life. Nothing is more meaningful that that.

They were only 16!!!!! What a hard choice to make so young! But they did it. And now, years and years later they are STILL together. They are married, have their own child and still have a relationship with their adopted baby and her parents. I salute you C and T!!!! You are the smartest two kids MTV has ever seen!

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