Steve-O and Kat Von D

Is Steve-O a good looking man? Hell no.

Is Steve-O sexy as fuck? Hell yes.

I’m really not sure what it is about the man. Maybe the fact that he’s seriously nuts. Stupid shit we are glad our husbands don’t do becomes hilarious and downright hot when he does them. Don’t ask me why, I really can’t tell you. He’s got his own face tattooed on his back, a fat chick silhouette, and I’m surprised his dick even works after all of the abuse it has received.

But now, he’s clean and sober and still sexy as hell. Because he is now an animal rights activist for factory farmed animals and even did a stint in the pen for his anti-Sea World demonstration.

Oh and he’s dating Kat Von D…

Is Kat Von D a good looking woman? Hell yes.

Is Kat Von D sexy as fuck? Hell yes.

This girl is just the shit. Total girl crush. Besides her killer tattoos, sexy slim body and hair that would make a Disney princess cry, she’s fucking rocking. She is a classically trained pianist, starting when she was 6, a singer, artist, obsessed with Beethoven and has two sphynx cats. She has a vegan makeup line with Sephora and her shoe closet itself is masturbation worthy. index

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