Why My Second Kid Has A Better Mom

Being a second kid can totally suck. You get hand-me-down toys, hand-me-down clothes, and you never really get Mom to yourself. You always have someone picking on you, annoyed by you even though you just wanted to play, someone bigger/stronger/faster than you.

But you know what is awesome about being the second kid? You get a much better mom. Before baby #1, I was terrified but knew I would be a great mom because I read every.single.article. I read every.single.forum. I was in every.single.mom group. Baby #1 got like three baby showers, a perfectly curated nursery, brand new clothes, every teether on the market. I wouldn’t feed non-organic, I wouldn’t put her down if she was crying, I wouldn’t let anyone babysit her. I wouldn’t take time for myself, I wouldn’t let her self soothe, and I wouldn’t let her just do her thing.

Baby #2 didn’t get any of that shit. And honestly, I think he’s better for it. He is still THE happiest baby on this earth and he doesn’t give a shit about any of it. Now this all may change when they get a bit older, since now they are just 3 and 10months, but for now I’m not stressing it. He doesn’t care he has purple sheets. He doesn’t care his toys are his sister’s hand-me-downs bought from Goodwill to begin with. He doesn’t care that I let him eat pepperoni and shredded cheese for lunch.

Baby #2 gets the “cool mom.” She isn’t worried about the tiniest bump on his arm because she knows it is just a mosquito bite, no reason to ask the mom group, go back outside and play. She isn’t helicopter-ing around him as he learns to crawl and walk, she’s just encouraging, knowing there will be a few tumbles. She isn’t staying at home locked away from the world because she wants no one to watch him, he gets to know everyone at the party as he gets passed around and loves it. She isn’t stressed and hating herself and beating herself up because of that one little mistake that Suzie from Facebook would NEVER allow but really doesn’t fucking matter. He ate an m&m, holy shit!

Baby #2 gets to experience more in life. He gets an older sister to inspire, teach, and torture him. He gets the already tired parents willing to let him “just be a kid.” He gets a ton more freedoms off the bat. And he still has parents who freaking love him. Because that’s what it’s all about, right? Teaching them love? For the world, for others, for themselves?

So if you have baby #2 on the way and you’re fucking terrified, shit even baby #1, just let them be. Don’t be so caught up in all the little things you have to do, focus on just being the best mom you can be. That doesn’t mean the laundry will always be done. That doesn’t mean your floors are spotless. That doesn’t mean everyone is always doing exactly what they are supposed to be doing. Because after baby #2, none of those things are going to be happening. But you are going to notice all of the little things you didn’t really pay attention to with your first because you were too concerned with what you should be doing.





23 Realistic Maternity Photos From A Shitty Housewife…

Is your biological clock ticking? Are your ovaries on fire? Well they are about to jump out into oncoming traffic. This is what a pregnant woman of a toddler is REALLY thinking during pregnancy…

1.He lied…


2. Best be glad I haven’t stabbed you in your sleep yet…


3. Don’t look at me while I devour this. Just throw food at me and call me pretty…


4. He is drinking for 2 and makes you want a shot even more…


5. Dreaming of the day you can enjoy the soothing burn of tequila once more… 


6. The first meeting of new siblings… 


7. This is going well…


8. #FirstKidProblems


9. I’m in charge of ALL of them? Can’t we just take a nap? Shit, am I missing one?


10. This is great. What the fuck was I thinking? At least I found the other kid. 


11. This bitch over here better get her kids and her lips off my tequila!


12. Nap time. Mommy can’t stand up anymore…


13. Well that’s real fuckin sweet…


14. All I wanted was a hug! Maybe a kiss!


15. Does this kid make my belly look fat? 


16. For all the times he complains about getting no credit. Then the kid pops out looking like his twin…


17. Are you making fun of my weight? Not the best idea, bucky… It’s your turn to push!


18. Let me tell you ’bout my best friend…


19. Just a sip? This swing doesn’t go any damn higher, child!


20. There are many moments of weakness…


21. And many meltdowns… From you AND the toddler…


22. But you aren’t the only one who now has to suffer! He’s stuck with your crazy ass…


23. Ok maybe you are…


24. Just remind him often, YOU DID THIS TO ME!!




The Shitty Housewives and kids

Adding another to the chaos March 2017

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