Why Are We Giving Zero Fucks?

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So as a society we are always going through these funny stages and busting out some funny sayings.

“Bye Felicia.”

“On Fleek.”

“Who Let The Dogs Out.”

Right now, all the rage is “Zero Fucks” and sadly, we aren’t talking about my favorite form of fucking… we are talking about not caring. At all. Literally, not giving a fuck about anything. “Zero Fucks Given.” Embodying all the ideas of not giving a shit and doing whatever the fuck you feel like doing.

I get it…kinda.

But come on people. We should give a fuck. I mean I know we are being funny and goofy. Like, bitch I don’t give a shit. You do you and me do me. But shouldn’t we want to do each other (see what I did there!)

I understand not caring about what others think about who you are as a person, because that is crazy! It is. I spent so years and tears trying to remember that worrying about what other people think of me is unimportant. Of course be kind. Of course be free. Of course help when you can. But don’t NOT be yourself because you think someone won’t like you. But please….give a fuck!

Give a fuck about other humans. Give a fuck about the environment. Give a fuck about this beautiful life you are living.

I know it is much easier to walk around not giving a fuck. You’re like, I see someone being an asshole, who cares. I see someone throwing trash on the ground, whatevs. I see someone treating another living being like garbage, shit someone else can handle that.

But really folks…THAT IS NOT COOL!

I mean it is the sure fire way to take the easy way out. yeah, it might feel nice at the time, blowing something off. But in the long run you are missing out on a chance to better you! And nothing is cooler than bettering yourself.

Love each other. Love the earth. LOVE YOURSELF. Give a fuck. Go on that trip and meet new people. Go apply for that job and make more money. Go start that business even if you are scared. Go help that person, because they need it. Give a fuck about your life and the lives around. Please. GO GIVE A FUCK. If we don’t, who will?!


Jan O

The Shitty Housewife


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