New Year, NewISH Me


I know, I know….another one of those New Year New Me bullshit posts….but not really.  Mainly because, the old me is not that bad at all, so why change?! I’m sure improvement is needed, but isn’t that an issue with everyone? But I don’t need like a full fledge overhaul this go round. I have decided that I am pretty freaking great. So no NEW YEAR NEW ME here. Same old me coming at ya in 2018. But there are many things I want more of. How I choose to change myself and my life to gain more of these things is unknown, but I am willing to try.

2018, I want….

Exponential time with my family. More energy. Weirder sex. Smoother skin. Extra money. Bountiful laughter. Numerous girls trips. Tougher goals. Harder abs. Healthy queso. Numerous outdoor events and an excessive amount of Justin Timberlake.

I want to go to more weddings and hold more babies of people I love. I want to see my husband excel at work. I want my mom to feel the best she has felt in years. I want my kids to make every minute count because childhood goes so fast. I want to spend more time creating the life they deserve. I want to run a half marathon. I want to land the job of my dreams (whatever that may be!) I want to celebrate birthdays and anniversarys and every holiday with a fucking bang and make 2018 a year where I surround myself with love, family and celebrations.

As far as cutting things out of my life…..well fuck that. Life is too short to say no more. Sure, I may cut out some carbs, some beers, and some things that aren’t benefiting me, but to totally say no more….well I am way too good for that. Also, life is intense, carbs and beer can make it easier right?

So new year, newish me is the way I am ringing in 2018. Setting some mediocre goals that I am sure I will kinda live up too. If not, there is always next year!

Happy New Year


The Shitty Housewife

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