Jennifer Lawrence & Norman Reedus

GUESS WHO IS BACK??!!!! That’s right friends, it’s me. Break is over and I am back in that blog game! I am so excited and I hope you guys are too!!! I missed you tons and will fill you in on everything in tomorrows O’Shit Tuesday. But for now, lets get back to what I know you have all been missing. MASTURBATION MONDAY!!!!!! EEEKKKKKKK.

I mean, have you even been able to jerk off without me???? (That sounded kinda weird and I hope so, otherwise you are all probably acting like a bunch of pent up jerks, because it’s been months!) I wanted to start back up with a bang, so I picked too of the sexiest creatures to ever bless us with their beauty. Jennifer Lawerence and Norman Reedus.

Good god, Jennifer Lawrence is so damn beutiful it is insane. Wheter she is walking the red carpet or turning blue in X Men, she owns it and owns us. And on top of her beauty, she seems so normal and relatable. I mean she fell at the Oscars, in front of everyone and laughed that shit off like a queen….you don’t get cooler than that!!! And the older she gets, the better she becomes. I would do anything to have some girl time with her…wink, wink.

Norman Reedus. No words. I mean, where did he come from, besides my dreams. He oozes sex appeal and makes all days seem like a great time for some masturbating. Whether he is killing zombies or fan boying over my favorite band Interpol, he is constantly making things hot. Oh Norman……..thank you for being you.

So there you have it folks. Our first back at it Masturbation Monday.  Enjoy and I hope you all get some good tug time today!


The Shitty Housewife

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