Brandon Flowers and Gwen Stefani

I love rockstars. I love sexy people. I love awesome humans. These two are all of the above plus more. I mean who doesn’t want to make out with a hot, talented, cool person, right??!!

Gwen Stefani…queen of cool. For like, so many years. Her style has changed, her look has changed and her music has changed, but her awesome cool chick, feminst, stylish funk has not. Her body is killer and her ex husband is like, the hottest (sorry to bring up old shit Gwen!) I love Gwen and everything she is about. And now she is a mom and still a rockstar…nothing shitty about that!

Brandon Flowers…need I say more. OMG he is so fucking hot. His music is killer (pun intended!) I have loved him for a hot minute and would do just about anything for a hot minute alone with him. His voice is beautiful, his lyrics are beatifully odd and he is the epitome of a hot rockstar.

So turn up the music and dust off the ol vibrator. Time to rock out with your cock out…or in my case, my vagina out!


The Shitty Housewife

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