Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Mary Louis-Parker

Happy Monday. Now that you are all marched and footballed out, it is time to get to something of the utmost importance…….MASTURBATION MONDAY!!!! Today I didn’t have a direct theme, but I knew of two people who I have been meaning to showcase for some time. And then it hit me…..3 NAMERS!!!!

Joseph Gordon-Levitt is the cutest man on the planet. For real, he is so damn adorable, sometimes it is hard to lok at him. He is so charming and politcal and sweet and a do gooder. He could have all the names in the world and it would still be totally cool and not annoying because of how rad this man is. He could hyphenate me all day long!

I really do not have words for Mary Louise-Parker. There are few that I consider queen status when it comes to housewives…..but she definitely makes the list. She has been around the block a few times and knows how to handle herself in the most sexy, confident, inspiring way. I love you girl….and damn you are sexy!!

So there ya go! Happy Hyphenated Masturbation Monday!


The Shitty Housewife




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