Am I hot???

So the other day I was at the grocery store….alone. A rare moment for a woman with 3 kids. One is always wanting to join in the Kroger fun. But somehow I managed to sneak away by myself…..IT WAS AMAZING!

Anyway, I was pushing my cart out of the store and I noticed a man….noticing me! It was crazy. I mean, not like I am some dog who no one has ever looked at. I am just so used to getting looks like…”woah, that bitch has a lot of blonde children,” or “look at that poor disheveled mom, she needs a shower.” No, this man was looking at me. I suddenly snapped into the mind set of being 24, young, cute, with perky breasts out at a bar and a cute boy is coming your way. And on top of that amazing feeling…he was sooooo hot.

Of course, we just gave each other a glance and that was it. But I got to thinking, how sad that I was that BLOWN AWAY by being looked at. Like, it was mildly pathetic how giddy I became.

Look it is not like my husband does not make me feel hot. He does. But it is different. When a total stranger, who is young and hot and single gives you that “hey girl” look, it is different. You feel wanted, and sexy and like, well you are a prize (WHICH YOU ARE!) I know that I am constantly telling Matt how sexy he is. But if some hot 22 year old, perky breasted chick flirted with him, his ego would swell up like Tyler Durden in a peak fight. It is the nature of the game.

And I can swear to myself all day that I will try harder when I leave the house. I will look showered and put on a tad of make up. But in reality, that shit is not going to happen. But when it does, maybe another total stranger will glance my way and send me into a flurry of awkward flirtiness. Nothing wrong with that right??

And to the random beanie wearing boy, in the non skinny jeans with the old school Stussey shirt on…thank you. You made me feel great and wanted, and like I am not always a wreak of a mom. Plus, a thank you from my husband, because he for sure got laid after our encounter!



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