Fuck Yes….It’s October


Alas, it is here. My favorite month. October. Which is filled with all of my favorite things. Pumpkin flavors, a crisp in the air, scarves for the ladies, beanies for those boys. I mean could it get any better? And although those all sound like basic bitch things, and I am far from a basic bitch (I am a tired bitch…..not basic ) I enjoy everything that this month brings.

On top of October welcoming fall, it also is Halloween. The best holiday ever and since last year, on Halloween day I became an official Shitty Housewife, now my two favorite things ever, Halloween and my anniversary are all occurring during my favorite time of year. It’s like too much happiness. I mean the only thing better would be National Queso Day being celebrated on October 31st too, but that would almost be too much….ALMOST.

It is still hard for me to believe that I got married. I mean I am still in shock I found Matt. Like I found my person. I held out and held on and there he was. And we got married. We committed forever. And we did it on Halloween. Like what the fuck. Originally we were suppose to get married the August before in New Hampshire. A summer wedding at his parents lakehouse. But because of me being in school, money, stress, two toddlers and a new fetus in my belly, we pushed it back. And when we realized the following year, 2015, Halloween was falling on a Saturday, we knew it was meant to be. Pushing t back over 15 months was a hard pill to swallow, but I popped out a baby and nabbed my associates degree, so I kept my mind busy.

But man, was it worth it. October embraced my wedding plans and our guests and our celebration perfectly. Just like I knew it would. October is the most amazing, most incredible, most romantic month and it did us well.

I have already been enjoying October this year. Trying to think of the perfect 1st anniversary gift (paper….what the fuck?!) And this year, since there is no wedding, Trick or Treating with the 3 kids is on everyone’s mind. Although they are out seeing butterflies, dinosaurs and princess’s in the store, we have been training them that scary and spooky is the way to go. Or funny (which the baby will be….he doesn’t know what the fuck is happening, so we have picked out something hysterical.)

Anyway, what a time of year. Bust out those flat boots and make your man put on a beanie (they make any man look 1000 times cuter….trust me.)  Enjoy it. I love you October and always will!


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