Well, after 2 weeks off from the blog……I’M BACK!!!!!!! Sadly, I am not better, but I am back. It has been a long 4 weeks or so for this Shitty Housewife. I put on a good front for awhile, but it got me. Break needed. And although when you live my crazy life, a true break never happens, I did need to slow down for a bit. Or at least not write for a bit.

First and foremost, thank you all SO very much for all of the sweet calls, messages, comments and notes about my eyes. The last you saw of me was a video explaining why I had taken some time off. My vision was doing some wacky ass shit. I really appreciate all of your advice and after MANY trips to MANY doctors, we are on the uphill to getting these baby blues healthy. So prior the eye fiasco, I got slammed with a 2 week long cold and severe congestion. Like the shit would not let up….my life for 15 days was like…….


I know you have all been there. Then as soon as it ended, the whole eye flare up got CRAZY. That was more than just painful…it was scary as fuck. I mean, I have terrible vision but blacked out spots and shit became consuming and terrifying. Frankly it still is, but I am being positive. So at its peak, the stress from that and everything going in, I was hit with a 3 day migraine. Like WHAT THE FUCK???? I would not wish that shit on anyone….okay well maybe Trump, but maybe even not him! I seriously thought my brain was bleeding at one point. So, as soon as we get that under control, I get some on again off again shoulder pain flare up I have had since I cut hair for 10 years. And of all times for it to start right??? Like damn Gina….give me a break. So one day…..ONE MOTHER FUCKING DAY after that shit clears up, my son comes home with some sore throat bug and who wakes up with it??? That’s right, my weak immune system ass. Here I am again, under the freaking weather. Fever, chills, body aches. Today I am better, but still have to cringe every time I sallow. No BJ’s this week Matt O….my bad. But after almost starting to feel like a semi normal human again, I got my freaking period. Which, thank god. That is always welcomed in this house, but of all days. Jesus.

Ugh, I am just spent. I know I put a lot on my plate, but to me that is life. I am given one and I want to live this one to the fullest. I want each day to be filled with family, goals, accomplishments. It is like my mind has all these ideas and all this energy and my body can’t keep up. How do I get myself healthier? I went and got the vitamins, the apple cider vinegar, the hot tea. I mean I know the beer doesn’t help, but frankly, that is the only shit that keeps me sane.

I need to remember I am not in my early 20’s. Well, maybe I am mentally, but physically, this body is pooped. And I do want to live a long full life. I just need to find a balance (don’t we all.) Anyway, hopefully I am on the mend. Hopefully long month of ailments is passing. Lord knows, I am spent from them! Now off to take another apple cider vinegar shot and drink some tea and change my tampon. Bundle of joy guys…..BUNDLE!

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