Shittiest Move of the Week

So, since I failed a class this last semester I decided to take the summer off. Get my head right, relax (hahahahahahaha) and just get my bearings on life. But since busy is my only way of survival I have decided that if I was not taking classes, I would instead job hunt. Send out resumes, apply, write cover letters and hopefully interview just so I can get some practice under my belt. My goal with going back to school and getting my degree is to make a better life for my family. To find a stable job with room for growth and benefits. So we can live a bit more comfortably and so all the weight is not on Matt. 

Well, I have been sticking to it. I have been researching career options, job titles and companies. One particular company I have my eyes on posted a great job last week and I ponced. This company gets incredible reviews and seems to really take care of their employees. I filled out the application, nailed my cover letter and surprise surprise this week received an email back!!!

I was taken to the next step which was an assessment test. So I went into this test thinking it was just going to be a basic assessment. Man was I wrong. 2 hours and an ungodly amount of stress later I finished. The end of the test had me answering multiple choice math questions while reading fake emails that would only be posted for 15 seconds with information that would eventually pop up in another set of questions. It was the most ridiculous thing ever. Seriously, I spent more time swearing at my computer than learning about the company. And what is this really going to show them? Wouldn’t they rather meet me in person and see how warm, kind and fucking adorable I am rather then see if I can multi-task some bullshit math and remember an email that was posted for 15 seconds???? 

Anyway, pretty sure I bombed the shit and blew my chance with them. I guess we will wait and see. Until then, I will keep applying and practicing. At some point I won’t fail at one of these tests right???? Happy Friday


The Shitty Housewife

One thought on “Shittiest Move of the Week

  1. Dana says:

    This is a post that you need to get viral, so you can show how shitty the recruiting process really is. I already know that it’s shitty as I did a 1 year personal study on the process. That’s right, I was a rat for 1 year and it was an eye opening experience.

    My advice, don’t follow the crowd and stop applying to jobs, that’s unless you want to be a rat of course. If that’s the case, keep applying away.

    On another note, I love your blog and tell Ryan Austin I said hey.

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