Malin Akerman & Tom Hardy

Happy Monday….nothing super happy about that right?! Every week starts with this dreaded day and every week we all open out eyes to our alarm clocks and want to shed a tear. Well tear no more people. It is Masturbation Monday and today’s pick are a real doozy. These two hotties have been in a shitload of movies and shows, but you never really hear their names as stand outs. But man, do they stand out….like so much. Both married with kids, they both would be an absolute pleasure to be a shitty housewife for. Today’s picks…

Tom Hardy and Malin Ackerman

She was the pretty, bitchy sister in 27 Dresses and he was was the scary masked (such a shame) monster in The Dark Knight Rises. With many other movie and television shows under their belts they have created quite a name for themselves. And under their belt is exactly where we would like to be…..
Happy Monday. I hope this helps you get through the day. Take some time to yourself, and enjoy these beauties.
giphygiphy (1)

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