Happy Mother’s Day


Happy Mother’s Day. I wanted to salute all the moms out there. Man, this job is tough and man….however shitty you THINK you are at it, guess what?! YOU AREN’T!!! You are on your own motherhood path and you are nailing it.
Who cares if your playroom is messy! Who cares if the laundry is sitting unfolded for days! Who cares if you sit them in front of the TV for a minute while you take a breather! Your kids are alive and thriving and happy and healthy and that is really all that matters. Exhausting yourself for perfection is not teaching them anything. Being weird, dirty, silly, goofy is what they need and want. Those are the memories they will take with them forever. Teaching your kids to be themselves in any capacity they see fit is going to mold them into the awesome human they are meant to be. You have created them! You have built them! You are their inspiration and hero no matter how many cocktails you’ve had to down to get through dinner.
Mommin ain’t easy and you deserve a full day of celebrating you. Eat all the queso, drink all the wine and do not, I mean DO NOT touch that hamper (I promise it will be waiting for you tomorrow morning.) Being a mom is fucking MAGICAL. It is the most beautiful experience to ever go through, so fuck all the chores, fuck all the whining and fuck all the spills. Today is your day to look at those little monsters you created and think to yourself….”Damn, I made you. And even though some days are hard, I am doing my best and you are the coolest kid ever because of me.”
So Happy Mother’s Day ladies. From the mother of all mother F**ckers. I love you all so much and am so happy I have this journey to share with you. Cheers.
The Shitty Housewife

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