Saturday Slam- School

Here is the thing, I know I should not say this just in case any of my readers are young and considering going back, but I just can’t. School is the worst. And I am talking about upper level school. Go to high school, get that diploma. But man, as I am in the midst of my Bachelors, I am like, what the fuck. Am I even going to use this crap? I am shelling out all this money for a piece of paper and that is it. Maybe if I went straight out of high school I would be more open to it. But I am 37. I have had two successful careers and have lived my entire adult life without having to do Business Statistics or International Business. And now, since I want that piece of paper, I suddenly need to know it. And why are you so expensive school. A fucking text book is the price of my mortgage. Just back the fuck off for awhile. You are bugging and really putting my stress level at an all time high.

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