Shittiest Move of The Week


So this week is finals. And let’s just say the only word for my preparedness in this department is…..shitty. I mean first off, I thought finals were next weekend. I thought this whole semester that this week was a study week and next week were exams. So when I got the updates from my teachers wishing us luck this weekend, I was a bit stunned.

And here I am. I should be studying, prepping, flashcarding, or some shit. And what am I doing? Drinking a beer on this beautiful Thursday night, gazing at my new garden, while my children frolic and scream, all around me.

I just don’t have any left to give these classes. I am so worn out from these chapters and assignments and discussions. BUT THIS IS IT! Seriously, a couple more days and my time and chances to succeed are over. And let me tell you…I need success. I am going into these finals with some pretty shitty grades. Doing well is key. But I have not put in my time this week. So that is my shittiest move. Knowing these exams are here and not picking up my books to study.

But I need to stop. I have until 3 pm today with my kids, then heading to work. After that I sit down and end two classes. Hopefully I can pull some magic out and do okay. That is all I am asking for. Just to do ok…C’s get degrees right?! Hopefully the saying D’s get degrees applies to that as well!

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