I feel like my salutes keep revolving around death….and today it continues. I can’t say “I” for this loss, because I did not just lose Prince. We all did. A creative icon has passed away and we all are mourning. No, I never met Prince. No I did not know him personally and no, I have never had a conversation with him. BUT he was a huge part of my life, just like he was with so many. So we are all mourning.

I won’t really go into his musical genius and the amount of amazing

lyrics, guitar rifts and beats he left us. We all of course will adore those for the rest of our time on this planet. I would like to salute him for just that. HIM.

When I was in third grade I was given the award “Biggest Mouth in the Smallest Body.” And I was just that. I was abnormally small, but I was always talking, singing, and being loud about my opinions. As I got older I became quieter and quieter. I was in a world full of bullies, intimidation’s and that awful thought, “what will people think of me?” Prince was in this same world of being an unusual person BUT he stayed loud. He was his true self and he was not quiet about it. He was weird, he was different, he was feminine, he was masculine, he was sexual, he was emotional, he was quirky and he was colorful. But most importantly, HE WAS HIM. He showed us that being a man dressed like a women was no different than being a man dressed like a man. He should us that being deeply in love was respectful and genuine. He taught us that sex was an amazing, incredible adventure any two people of an gender could do with each other, and it would be beautiful. But what he taught me most, was to not be afraid to embrace myself, be loud and be ME.

I wish I could give him that award today. “Biggest Mouth in the Smallest Body” because it fits that man so well. He shouted for the weird, different and strange. He shouted for love, loyalty and devotion. He shouted for sex, exploration and raunchiness. He shouted and thankfully so many of us listened.
We will miss you Prince. There will be no other. And I hope wherever your soul rests it continues to shout. Because no matter where you are, us freaks here will always be willing to listen.
Thank you for everything,
The Shitty Housewife

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