Love you Make-up


Man, where would I be without you, make-up. You my friend are an everyday magician. You take my uglies and turn them into something so much less atrocious. You really do. I wake up and look like a exhausted, worn out, pale, freckled disaster and you turn me into a beautiful fairy princess. And honestly, you really don’t turn me into anything, but you make me feel more beautiful and there are not enough thank you’s for that. Your color, your lift, your brightful-ness is probably the only reason I have ever gotten laid. And your ability to cover my wrinkles is the only reason I don’t walk around looking like I feel…half dead. My life would not be where it is today without my cover up, eye liner, shadows, blush and lip gloss. I adore you and owe you a lot. For real, make-up, thank you for everything. All the looks, cat calls, sex and hell probably marriage. Without you, none of these things would exist.

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