Joe & Sofia

Another Monday has crept up. Good thing my blog job is to find attractive people for my readers to drool over….makes Monday much easier. Since I am on a kick of hot couples I thought of one that is just too freaking hot for words. Like they are both abnormally hot. Like from Planet Hot. They recently got married and thank god they found each other. Any person who was not them would have to feel some what inferior to them and their looks. It is just almost not even right how fucking hot they are…….

Sofia Vergera and Joe Manganiello

Just stop it, the both of you. I actually can’t even think about either of them when masturbating because I almost immediately feel like a gross dog. SO I just think about the two of them just doing each other and boner is back. So sit back, sip that Monday coffee and enjoy those dirty thoughts about this married life scenario!

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