The Shitty Housewife does the ‘Gallon of Water a Day’ Challenge


So I used to drink water like crazy. All day, no problems. Being a water drinker was just a normal part of my life. But, as of late, I just don’t drink a lot. In fact, I have caught myself on days, with barely drinking one or two cups. I am not sure what changed, but when I think of liquids, I think of coffee and beer. (Hey, I can’t be the only one right?!)
Well, I have started to notice a difference in my skin, my headaches, my overall well being. And as I am on this journey to become a MILF, I thought drinking one gallon a day for seven days would jump start my hydration level and my health.
Day one was tough. I had to make a very conscious effort to make sure I was drinking. Between the kids and school work and work, my mind is never fully there. So this was a tough task for me. I just had to constantly remind myself. I was done with my gallon around 7 pm and could not stop peeing. I felt bloated but I always was proud. I did it. I set a goal and finished it.
As the days went on, it got easier. I still had to put in a lot of effort in making it a part of my routine, but at that point I was starting to feel a little better and was enjoying it. By day 4, my skin looked a bit fresher. In fact, a girlfriend of mine even noticed (not the husband…but we all read yesterday’s blog.) I was still peeing a ton, but the bloating had gone down.
By day 6, I felt like a million bucks. Matt’s parents had come into town for my son’s first birthday the next day, so Matt and I took advantage of the baby sitters and went out for a couple drinks just us. A couple drinks turned into one too many (we are never alone!!!) I had made sure to finish my gallon before we went out. When I woke up…NO HANGOVER!!! I mean at all. I felt 100% normal, which I always feel crappy after I drink. Matt felt bad, and was jealous of how great I felt!
So my challenge is over, but I am still drinking water! Like a ton!!! I am constantly filling up my water bottle and have kinda trained myself to crave it again. It has enhanced my workouts, my energy, my skin. So I say….TWO THUMBS UP!!!! Try it yourself. IT DOES WORK. It is tough, but gets so much easier as the days go!!! Just be sure to get through the first two days of being bloated and have a shit load of toilet paper, because man, you are going to pee a freaking ton!

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