YOUR Shittiest Move of the Week

So I know every Friday I tell you all my shittiest move of the week. Well, at the end of each month I want to hear your shittiest move. What sent you over the edge to my side…the shitty side?! What pissed you off so badly that you just said fuck it…and did something, welp…kinda shitty. Let it loose, set that secret free, now is the time. Please remember, we here at The Shitty Housewife NEVER judge. We welcome the bad and the ugly…..not really the good. The shittier you are the more likely we will LOVE you. Whoever comments via our Facebook page, Instagram or our blog with their shittiest move of the month wins a $15 Kroger gift card. That is right people…groceries on us! Just because you embraced your inner shitty. So yes, this contest is for the worst. The worst person will be the winner!!!! So come on..tag a friend, comment with your shitty move and you will be entered to win!!!!

Good luck…..Let’s go…
The Shitty Housewife

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