Facebook Politicians

Welp, here we are. A few weeks away from the primaries for the presidential elections. And what else are we in the middle of….insane amounts of blurbs, “facts” and views about people and their political perspective.

Look, I enjoy talking politics, even if I do not agree with the person I am chatting with. What I can not stand is someone straight up talking shit about my views and my ideas without even hearing mine out.

People who sit back and claim an entire political party is lazy or poor or whatever the fuck people think based on some silly post they read one time. Have your views but respect others. That is the whole idea behind the system we have. We CAN think differently and that is OKAY! But people who say all democrats are on welfare and all republicans are crazy Christians are just fucking ridiculous and it needs to stop.

In the end we all want our country to be better. We all want more money and we all want war to stop (at least I hope we all want that.) So let us stop this generalization and be okay with the idea that we are all different. If we keep bashing each other for having different ideals with politics than what is the point of the system we have.

I do not mind the educational posts, those are fine. I am talking about the stupid, bullshit, hateful ones that pretty much slam an entire group of humans. Let’s be honest, there is not the perfect candidate out there. I mean there is, but Justin Timberlake isn’t running…so let’s just do our research, pick our person and keep it to ourselves sans the lame Facebook posts.

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