P!nk and David Beckham


Carey, you are one seriously lucky man!!!  This woman is a wife, mother and absolutely fucking delicious. Maybe it’s her pink hair or her animal rights activism or just that she has that I don’t give a shit attitude, whatever it is or whatever persona of her you have conjured up in your head, here is a few more reasons to make Pink your masturbation Monday’s object of affection.

David Beckham

When they say, bend it like Beckham, I really hope it means he is going to bend me over his knee and spank me because that man is worth an arm cramp to rub one out. This man makes every fucking hairstyle, every fashion statement and every inch of tattooed skin look fucking godly. His ass belongs in the Louvre plated in gold. If this guy doesn’t do it for you then you must have one hidden in a closet for as long as R Kelly because I have never seen him.

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