Charlie and Mila

Welcome to Masturbation Monday. Let’s face it, no one likes this dreaded day of the week. I don’t care who you are or what you do…MONDAYS SUCK! The weekend is over and it is the start of 5 long, lame days until it is time to party again. (Unless you are me and you like a small round of partying mid-week)  Another fact, everyone masturbates. (I mean come on, we all do. If you don’t, well you aren’t growing sexually and if you think your partner isn’t, well you are wrong.)  So we thought we would spice our readers’ Monday’s up by combining two of our favorite pastimes. Hot celebs and masturbating. That is where Masturbation Monday comes in. Each week will be featuring some serious sexiness for ladies and men of all kinds. I don’t care who or what you are into, you will find our Monday’s hot! And fingers crossed you may even find some time in your awful day to sneak away from all of your adult duties to truly ENJOY these photos for your pleasure…wink wink. So here is our first ever #MasturbationMonday.

Mila Kunis.

It like seriously does not get hotter than her. I’m totally not a lesbian, but I would honestly do whatever she asked me to do, in and out of the sheets. I mean everything about her oozes sex appeal. Her dark smokey eyes. Her tight little body. Her always slightly raspy voice…. um excuse me, I am getting all worked up just writing this. And now she is shacked up and has a kid. What a lucky man to have this Housewife serving him dinner?! She could be as shitty as she wanted if she was mine!!

Charlie Hunnam.

There really aren’t words for this man. He is god like. (If god was so fucking sexy every human being in the word was physically attracted to him and want to have sex with him.) For real, there is hot…than there is Charlie. His body, his face, his accent. He has fully embodied how to be classy and gritty at the same time. (I wish he would just go ahead and fully embody me!) Please Charlie, pick a new gig soon so we can all start swooning over and over and over again.


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