We have a one year old! I can’t believe it! Time has blown by us and we are blown away at how much you have grown. You have shown us a love we never knew existed and can’t wait for many more years with you.


Mommy and Mommy love you and can’t wait to see who you become!

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A lot of the time our view of sexy, hot or fuckable is six-pack abs and people who in all reality
could use a cheese burger or two, but think about the person that most of us fall in love with.
They are hot as fuck, at least that’s how I feel about mine. The thing that sets our lovers apart
from the people we see on t.v. is that thy are normal people. Yea they are hot and sexy but most
are not a size 0 and rocking six-pack abs, like all the big fashion magazines shove down our
throats. This week I, Rye Guy, have chosen a few regulation people for us to enjoy a few
moments to ourselves. Enjoy this weeks selection of what the industry calls “plus size” and I call
“attainable ass.” Give them a WARM Shitty Housewife welcome…

two “plus size” models. Size 16 for my lady and a 40 inch waist on my man. That’s as American as it gets, Bon Appetit